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Current Trainees (2013)

Helen Morgan
Hazel Miller
Lesley Anderton
Terry Quinn
Kate Warburton
Sarah Marshall
Eileen Capek
Gareth Blayney
Greg Waddell
Jenny Lonnen
Zoe Muir
Kate McArthur
Eilidh Hill
Rachel Stewart
Lisa McNeil
Claire Steel
Michael Alcorn
Farhana Sharif
Amy Conley
Gillian Cumming
Helen McKee
Caroline McInnes
Kirsty Colquhoun
Peter Higgins
Laura Duffy
Jennifer McDicken


This brief section provides some information about Geriatric training in the West of Scotland.

General Information

There are over 30 trainees in the West of Scotland. Trainees rotate round some of the regions hospitals on a 1-2 yearly basis. There are 4 central teaching hospitals and 8 District General Hospitals.


There is a rolling programme of (mainly) lecture based sessions. This comprises 5 full day sessions per academic year. Teaching is based on the Geriatric Medicine Curriculum. The teaching is delivered at different sites around the deanery. There is Consultant and Trainee input into specific content.  General Medicine training days are held centrally in the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow – there are 5 days per year which rotate through the different medical specialties.


Please see the “Academic Centres: Glasgow” section of the BGS Scotland website.


This takes place in April at the Royal College of Physicians in Glasgow. In 2008 this became a Scotland-wide event for first time. Trainees (usually in the second year of their training) present a literature review of chosen topic and several trainees have gone on to present these reviews at national meetings.