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Scottish Care of Older People Audit

The evidence base for specialist led coordinated organised services is stronger than ever with an update of the Cochrane review expected imminently to conform that some benefits (avoidance of Nursing Home) may start as early as the point of discharge.

In other specialties such as Stroke or Orthopaedics (Hip Fracture), national audits and benchmarking of services have led directly or indirectly to a focus on improvement.  Often this has resulted in improved services.

In a partnership between the University of Aberdeen, Healthcare Improvement Scotland and BGS Scotland, we are announcing the development of a national benchmarking of CGA services.  This will be developed in an interactive fashion and we are not naïve to the scale and complexity of the challenge!  A similar (voluntary) exercise was undertaken in England and can be found here.

Longer term our hope is that this might also prove the springboard to investigate correlations between process and outcome in service delivery.

In the meantime however we plan to establish the metrics.  Whilst we would aim to make this as undemanding as possible for boards, we are likely to need close cooperation with colleagues at board level to collect data.

Meanwhile watch this space!  We hope to have a website available shortly to give updates on the development and progress of the initiative.

Graham Ellis
Phyo Myint

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