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Doing research as a trainee in Geriatric Medicine

Part 1: The benefits of doing research, and finding a project

Alasdair MacLullich, Lecturer, University of Edinburgh
Miles Witham, Lecturer, University of Dundee

The process of moving from clinical work to enter the less structured world of research can be confusing and a little daunting. To address this we are producing a series of articles on ‘Doing research as a trainee in Geriatric Medicine’. In this first part we discuss the reasons for doing research, and then give some suggestions on finding a suitable project.

Why do research?

Benefits to Society
Research, whether basic or applied, is the most important means of adding to our knowledge of ageing, disease and the individual. Consequently, if you do good quality research you will have a real influence on clinical practice – even if this influence seems several steps down the line. Additionally, as a research-trained clinician, you have the opportunity to make sure that ongoing research is useful and relevant to the care of older people.