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Challenging the depiction of delirium in the media

The media’s portrayal of vulnerable elder people as ‘perpetrators of assaults’ shows us just how far we still have to go.

Dr James Woods is a registrar in Geriatric and General (Internal) Medicine in South East Scotland. He tweets at @jmwoods87

Earlier this week BBC Radio 5 Live ran a piece with corresponding BBC website article reporting on figures obtained from an NHS Protect report on physical assaults against NHS staff in England. The headline and corresponding analysis focused on patients over 75 years old as the most frequent ‘perpetrators of assaults’ against NHS staff. If you care about the healthcare needs of older people and want to see them treated with dignity and respect (which if you are reading this blog you probably do) then this makes for distressing reading.

Emotive language does these vulnerable people a huge disservice. Not only are they referred to as ‘perpetrators of abuse’ (a hugely pejorative title) in the headline but their actions were repeatedly described as ‘lashing out.’ (more…)

Older people face shortage of suitable housing, experts warn

Herald Scotland: OLDER people are facing a shortage of suitable housing for their retirement, putting pressure on the wider property market, according to experts.

A new report has warned that developers and house builders have failed to tap into the opportunities created by an ageing population and there is a lack of appropriate properties being constructed. It comes after calls for older people wishing to downsize to be given government help in a bid to free up under-occupied homes and ease pressure on the housing market, particularly for younger families looking to take a second step on the property ladder. But the new research by Savills suggests it is not as attractive for elderly people in Scotland to sell up their larger homes as it is for their counterparts south of the Border. Lower property prices mean they cannot release as much cash by selling so have less to invest in a new smaller home and there are not enough retirement properties on the market.

BGS Scotland Trainee Reps 2013

At the recent trainees meeting in Perth, Greg Waddell was elected as new trainee representative.

Greg is based in the West of Scotland. He joins Louise Beveridge who is based in the East. Caroline McCormack was also elected to a new post of BGS Scotland Webmaster. The Scottish trainee reps join the national BGS Trainees council for meetings. If you have any issues or concerns then please get in touch:

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